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Welcome to Gym Tracker on MotivatedBodybuilding.com, a complete exercise, nutrition, and body tracking system.
I am committed to get you into shape and get you the body you always wanted!
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Going to gym and eating correct is not always easy as you lose motivation very fast and give up before you even see any results.Thousands if not millions of people never achieve their fitness goals and it's because they make one mistake – they give up too soon because 1)They don't believe they are getting any results and 2)They can't see results quick enough.

The truth is that when you exercise you are actually starting to get results but you cannot SEE them so you give up! Sounds familiar? Wish you could change that?

Gym Tracker is fitness software that tracks your nutrition, exercise and body statistics. All you have to do is give it some input which takes a matter of seconds.

Then sit back and watch! It tells you how your body is changing and how to improve on that! Now you can SEE those results and gain tremendous motivation! What's more is that you can share this motivation with friends. Gym Tracker is not only a fitness tracker but a social fitness tracker. Make friends, upload photos and share your success. Never has it been so easy to gain momentum to get the body you want and do it with friends!


Gym Tracker analyzes your current measurements, what you eat and how fit you are, what times you are consuming food and then calculate your progress and automatically adjust your nutritional needs. You can see via graphs and statistics exactly how your body is responding and what you can improve. Gym Tracker will even tell you what you need to change to get better results!

Set your own custom goals and gym tracker will predict when you will reach your goal! How's that for motivation? Now you can SEE when you will arrive at your desired weight, bicep size, body fat percentage and more!


Bodybuilding software personal trainer With most gym tracking software you have to download and install software for it to work. Then when you switch to a different pc or device your data is missing or you are limited to only a few installs per machine. Whats worse is that you have to download the software again when an update is available and the truth is most people do not have time for this.

I have decided to host gym tracker online as a website. What does this mean for you? You can access gym tracker from anywhere 24/7! On your laptop, desktop pc, iphone, ipad or blackberry! Basically any device that can open a webpage! And when updates are made you don't have to lift a finger!


I have designed Gym Tracker to be used by ANYONE, whether you are a serious bodybuilder, trying to lose some weight or just maintaining your weight while increasing fitness and strength. You can switch your main goal at any time and gym tracker will automatically adjust to your new specifications.

Gym Tracker is great for when you change your goals regularly. Many people want to lose weight at first and then later build muscle or decide halfway to change their plan. This is completely do-able with gym tracker.


Gym Tracker was built with the idea to keep you motivated to succeed in your goals. I do this by analyzing your eating habits, body measurements and letting you know how you can improve this for faster results! And results equals motivation! Not only will you see great results, but because Gym Tracker is also part of a social group you will be even more motivated to succeed as you share photos and success with your friends.

I will always be updating the software as soon as new technology comes out or new fitness information comes to surface - always keeping you up to date and adding new features to keep you at the top of the game.

Join a fast growing community that grows and gets fit with you.
Share your success with friends and talk about it. Learn from what they do and get the body you deserve!


Software like this can easily cost you more than $50 but Gym Tracker is completely free to use. I have decided that making Gym Tracker free for all will give a greater community and boost overall motivation in the end than keeping such great software only for use by those who would be able to afford it. I want you to achieve the best results you can get and thus is my gift to you. I hope you enjoy it !


- Track your nutrition needs
- Track your body measurements
- Join friends in your pursuit to a better you
- Get ranked in leader boards and see who is at the top, it could be you!
- Share you success with friends
- Get expert advice on how to improve and see what you are doing wrong
- Set goals and get predictions and advice on how you are doing
- Create your own unique profile and upload photos
- Have people as inpirations and learn from them
- And many more!